February 2014

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Tournament Report: February 2014

We held our second monthly tournament last Saturday 15th February, and it was a very enjoyable day out in the water. The after-tournament barbecue was great, and members and guests had a wonderful time.
The previous CEO of the local ANZ bank Steve Rodgers was here for a holiday and he and 9 of his mates also holidaying in Samoa, joined the tournament. In total, 8 boats and 30 anglers went out for the day.
Fishing could best be described as… well ‘slow’ for lack of a better term. There were a lot of big hits but unfortunately the fish were skittish and most did not hook up. Six of the boats reported either 2 or 3 marlin strikes only for the fish to either toss the lures immediately, or take off 3 to 400 meters of line only to ‘spit the dummy’ and say sayonara.
Two of the boats reported coming across schools of mega-sized yellow fin tuna but again the fish did not show much interest in the lures.
There were some schools of skipjack tuna about 12 to 14 miles outside of Apia and again the fish were not very cooperative.
Only two of the boats brought back weighable fish and this included a small blue marlin, some dogtooth tuna, wahoo and barracuda.
Seemu skippered by Seiuli won the day with a marlin, a couple of dogtooth, tuna, 2 barracuda and wahoo. Lady Saele won second prize with a couple of barracuda and a wahoo.
These were the boats that fished the tournament:
Se’emu, Lady Saele, Razee, Lady Caroline, Lady Margaret, Tsunami, Wilhmina, and Kingfisher2.
For the next tournament we are looking at Saturday 15th March 2014.

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