March 2014

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Tournament Report - March 2014

The March tournament was held last week-end (Saturday 8th) to take advantage of the excellent weather conditions. The tournament organizers decided to hold the event at Vaiula Beach, Tafatafa to change the area to fish and to enjoy the picturesque scenery of Vaiula Beach. It was indeed an excellent decision as those members who were able to make it to the south side had a wonderful time.
Muliaga Dave Petersen and his family hosted the club for the week-end and as usual, they did a marvellous job. The after-tournament dinner was superb; there was roasted size3 pigs, local (range) chicken soup, raw fish (Oka), palusami and taro…yum!! And there was lots of food! Of course there were lots of green bottles too!!
The fishing was not as good as we would have wanted it to be. Of the 6 boats that fished the tournament only 4 boats had weighable fish. The other 2 boats had some hard luck stories to tell about the ones that got away. The 7th boat developed engine problems and did not make it out to fish.
Kingfisher 2 won the event with 3 fish, a couple of masimasi and a wahoo; Lady Caroline came in 2nd with a nice masimasi and Bar Crusher was 3rd with a masimasi that edged out Lady Saele’s fish by 20 grams. So well done everyone!
On the return trip on Sunday, 3 of the boats detoured to the FAD outside Siumu and reported some large yellow fin tuna there, but there were no hook ups.
The boats that fished the tournament were, Bar Crusher, Lady Caroline, Lady Saele, Wild Bill, Seemu, Wilhelmina and Kingfisher 2.
We are looking at doing a tournament soon for the children and when there is good weather in Apia we will be on the move to make it happen.
If you have not been to fish these monthly tournaments, you are missing out on a lot of fun and some good moments at the after-tournament get together… join us next time!!

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