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New Year Local Comp

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New Year Local Tournament, 2012.

A welcome break in the windy weather and the finish of Xmas/New Year festivities, saw some eight boats launch for a one day tournament. Members were pretty excited by the fact that they were able to launch from the old ramp within the marina. (more of that later).

The days leading up to fishing had calm seas and little breeze so the boys geared up for a fish day in the middle of the wet season, in which we have experienced some real "wet".

Many birds were sighted, but fish species were restricted to two. Yellowfin (asi) and Barracudda (saosao). Brian Atkins on "Wild Bill" (A Kingfisher), brought in the biggest winning Asi at 48.1 kgs; and Dale Withington's boat, "Aumahi" ( A Surtees), bought home two YF's (Asi), one at 40.8 kg; the other at 43.3 kg ; plus a respectable Barracuda, 9.2 kg. Aumahi was the overall winner, as the comp is based on total weight of fish caught. Another boat vied for the smallest fish, a Cuda weighing in at 2.2 kg.

Most pleasurable of this first local tournament of 2012, was sitting in the old club house, with a few beers and looking out at the boats coming home to our old ramp at the marina.

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